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Why Advertise on Balckyball??

For advertisers seeking an influential and upscale audience of consumers and business professionals, Balckyball.com offers the best buy on the web. With aproximately over 25 million unique users per month- Balckyball.com offers unique opportunities to target different segments of web users through:

Keyword Targeting: advertisers can tie their banners to particular search terms (keywords) and therefore target their message to the appropriate audience

Categories: users who search by subject may be targeted with banners, badges and sponsorships tailored to meet advertiser's objectives

Sponsorships: high-profile positioning on homepages and results pages allow for enhanced visibility and brand recognition (available for Balckyball.com, Balckyball.com/Subject Search categories as well as all Balckyball.com Zones)

General Rotation: untargeted banners which appear on Balckyball.com's results pages

Home Page Badge: (125x125) can be targeted by geography, browser & time of day

Run of Site: untargeted banners delivered throughout Balckyball.com

Balckyball.com Zones: provide dynamic links to related content based on user's keywords and Navigation Bar tabs. Banners may be targeted to users of the following content:

Finance: offers free stock quotes, news, company overviews, interactive performance charts, and premium research reports on a pay-per-view basis.

If you would like to advertise with Balckyball.com, please email us at balckyball@hotmail.com.



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