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Balckyball.com Team

Chris Balck (Simply Brilliant)
President, Webmaster

Chris Balck is the original founder of Balckyball.com. Beside being the President and Webmaster of Balckyball, Chris also works as a snake charmer and Chippendales dancer.

In 1995, Chris graduated from California State University, Chico with his BS degree in Business. Chris is a Rhodes Scholar, Mensa member and carries an IQ of 192.


Jenni Balck (The Brains Behind It All)
Director of Public Relations

Jenni is really the one who is in charge of the shop. Known for her sweet and innocent personality, she shakes up the office when needed. Jenni brings a mix of discipline and sex appeal to Balckball.com.

In 1999 Jenni completed her Masters degree in Education from National University. In 1995, she graduated from California State University, Chico with her BS degree in Therapeutic Recreation. Rumor has it that Jenni's husband is one smart cookie.


Dave Kite (Chick Magnet)
Graphic Design Team Lead

Though he is the Graphic Lead, Dave has only completed one task so far, our logo design. But what a fantastic job he did! The Balckyball logo has already won two 'Best on the Internet' awards.

Dave is a 1995 graduate of California State University, Chico with a degree in Graphic Design. He also lettered all six years at Chico State in the School Choir and on the Pep Squad.


Jamie Pardi (Steaming Bean)
Financial Guru

Balckyball.com was lucky enough to lure Jamie away from the financial streets of San Francisco. Jamie heads up the financial division of Balckyball.com and contributes all the content to the Stock Watch section. There is nothing better than seeing the kid throw down $5,000 on a stock and watch the Pardi Panic take over when it drops five points.

Jamie graduated from California State University, Chico with a BS degree in Business. He currently is pursuing his MBA from the University of San Francisco.


Todd Chronert (Sweetness)
Administrative Assistant

Todd is the glue that holds BalckyBall together. Whether he is answering the phones, making coffee, running to the post office or grabbing the team lunch, we couldn't stay afloat without him. Balckyball has found a gem in Todd Chronert and what a bargain at $7.50 / hr.

Todd throws a mean game of horse shoes and can often be seen on his lunch hour playing with his Gameboy.


Chip Glass (Bucky)
Custodial Engineer

After six years posing as a minor league baseball player, Chip finally came out of the closet and told us all that he has been working as a janitor at Ukiah High. Well, every company needs a dependable cleaning crew, so we gave Chip a mop and a few stock options and he has never been happier. Once he shaved his mole and capped his teeth, he wasn't to hard to look at either!

Want to work at Balckyball.com????
Send us an email and tell us what you can do. Maybe we can use somebody with your skills.



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